Right after I graduated, I interned with the Arms Control Association. It was terrific.

– George Stephanopolous
Host of ABC's This Week
January 1, 2005
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
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Defense intel head: Russia 'probably' violating nuclear test ban treaty Arms Control Association The Hill May 29, 2019
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Russia Analytical Report, May 20-28, 2019 Daryl G. Kimball Russia Matters May 28, 2019
New START Must Be Extended, With or Without China Daryl G. Kimball The National Interest May 27, 2019
Let’s not spend $1.7 trillion on our nukes, a group of N.J. professors say. Let’s get rid of them, and the threat of a catastrophic war. Zia Mian New Jersey Star-Ledger May 26, 2019
Sunday Show Michael Klare KPFA May 26, 2019
There Is No New ‘Emergency’ Reason to Sell Bombs to the Saudis to Drop In Yemen Jeff Abramson Bulgarian Military May 25, 2019
The Trump Administration Is Declaring a Fake Emergency to Sell Weapons to Saudi Arabia Jeff Abramson The Intercept May 24, 2019
Uncertainty over U.S.-Russian Arms Control Talks Kingston Reif, Shervin Taheran InDepthNews May 24, 2019
As nuclear weapons risk escalates, debate grows about 'vintage' US arsenal Kingston Reif Fox News May 23, 2019
Donald Trump's North Korea Strategy Is Not Working With Iran Kelsey Davenport Newsweek May 23, 2019
China's Military Is the Biggest on the Planet (But Can It Fight America and Win?) Arms Control Association The National Interest May 22, 2019
Iran Says It Will Hit Limit on Nuclear Stockpile in Weeks Arms Control Association Bloomberg May 22, 2019
Beyond Rhetoric of a Looming U.S.-Iran War, Growing Political Tension is Already Changing the Middle East Daryl G. Kimball, Kelsey Davenport Al Bawaba May 21, 2019
Door to North Korea Remains Open Despite Missile Tests Kelsey Davenport, Alicia Sanders-Zakre InDepthNews May 21, 2019
Poll: Americans Want To Stay In Nuclear Arms Control Agreements Kingston Reif, Tom Z. Collina Defense One May 20, 2019
House appropriators target Trump’s nukes, INF treaty busting weapons Kingston Reif Defense News May 20, 2019
북 비밀 핵시설, 강선 가능성 커…우라늄농축 시설 은닉 쉬워 (Experts point to Kangson as North Korea’s hidden nuclear facilities; Uranium enrichment facilities can be easily hidden) Kelsey Davenport Radio Free Asia May 20, 2019