"[The Arms Control Association is an] 'exceptional organization that effectively addresses pressing national and international challenges with an impact that is disproportionate to its small size.'" 

– John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
January 19, 2011
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
UN Security Council rejects US proposal to extend Iran arms embargo Kelsey Davenport CNN August 14, 2020
Trump wrong to withdraw from Ike’s ‘Open Skies’ Thomas Countryman Columbus Dispatch, The August 7, 2020
Growing Nuclear Tensions Between the US, Russia and China Kingston Reif Scott Horton Show, The August 7, 2020
Atomic bomb dropped on Japan's Hiroshima 75 years ago still reverberates Daryl Kimball NBC August 6, 2020
75 years after Hiroshima bombing, it's falling to descendants to keep survivors' stories alive Daryl Kimball CBC August 6, 2020
Biden Foreign Policy Advisor: Here's How We Would Fix the Iran Deal Kelsey Davenport National Interest, The August 5, 2020
After Twin Explosions, an “Apocalypse” in Lebanon Daryl Kimball New Yorker, The August 5, 2020
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the new nuclear danger Daryl Kimball Hill, The August 5, 2020
“The end of arms control as we know it” Kingston Reif Vox August 3, 2020
UK seeking US congressional support in coordination of $14B nuclear warhead program: report Kingston Reif FOX August 1, 2020
UK lobbies US to support controversial new nuclear warheads Kingston Reif Guardian, The August 1, 2020
Trump team's case for new nuke cites risks in current arsenal Kingston Reif Roll Call July 29, 2020
House, Senate near NDAA endgame Kingston Reif, Shannon Bugos Politico July 21, 2020
US House Adds Measure to Defence Bill That Bars Funding for New Nuclear Testing in 2021 Arms Control Association Sputnik July 21, 2020
Will Billingslea Answer for Arms Control? Kingston Reif, Shannon Bugos Inkstick July 20, 2020
Can We Avoid A U.S.-China War? Arms Control Association National Interest, The July 20, 2020
Uphold the nuclear weapons test moratorium Arms Control Association Science July 17, 2020
Trump ignores the history of nuclear weapons at our peril Arms Control Association Washington Post, The July 16, 2020
Nuclear era that began in 1945 poses moral questions for the 21st century Kelsey Davenport Crux July 15, 2020
Key House Democrats want to lock in New START weapons limits Kingston Reif Defense News July 15, 2020