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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
US officials indicate development could begin on missiles barred by INF Thomas Countryman CNN February 7, 2019
Hillary Clinton Thinks Trump's INF Treaty Withdrawal Was A "Gift" To Putin — Here's What To Know Arms Control Association Bustle February 6, 2019
Two-Thirds of Americans Oppose Trump’s Withdrawal From Nuclear Pact Daryl G. Kimball The Daily Beast February 5, 2019
Preoccupazioni per il ritiro americano dal Trattato INF Kingston Reif L'indro February 4, 2019
US, Russia back off nuclear treaty. Is arms control coming to an end? Thomas Countryman The Christian Science Monitor February 3, 2019
"Stort misstag att skrota nedrustningsavtalet" Paul F. Walker Swedish TV4 February 2, 2019
US suspends nuclear treaty with Russia Kingston Reif News.com.au (Australia) February 2, 2019
Russia joins US in suspending Cold War era nuclear arms treaty Kingston Reif Reuters February 2, 2019
'Into the Wild West': Demise of Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty undermines global security Kingston Reif CBC February 2, 2019
Critics say U.S. withdrawal from INF could spark a new arms race with Russia Thomas Countryman PBS Newshour February 1, 2019
US plans to withdraw from INF treaty with Russia Thomas Countryman Talk Media News February 1, 2019
The U.S. and Russia are at odds over a Cold War-era nuclear deal – the INF Treaty, explained Arms Control Association Global News February 1, 2019
US to suspend INF obligations; 3,500 more troops sent to border; Putin orders up AI strategy; Navy orders pair of carriers; And a bit more. Kingston Reif Defense One February 1, 2019
Trump says U.S. to leave key nuclear arms treaty with Russia Thomas Countryman NBC News February 1, 2019
Pompeo pulls U.S. out of Cold War era nuclear treaty which took missiles out of Europe after Russia is accused of 'unlawfully' breaking it for FIVE YEARS Kingston Reif Daily Mail February 1, 2019
Steps Trump should take toward denuclearization Bonnie Jenkins The Hill February 1, 2019
US poised to announce withdrawal from nuclear arms treaty Kingston Reif South China Morning Post February 1, 2019
Trump Ditching Our Nuclear Treaty With Russia Betrays Reagan’s Legacy—And Endangers The World Arms Control Association Newsweek February 1, 2019
US exit from missile treaty heightens fears of a dangerous arms race Thomas Countryman CNN February 1, 2019
Trump Says U.S. Will Leave Soviet-Era Nuclear Treaty With Russia Daryl G. Kimball Bloomberg February 1, 2019