"I greatly appreciate your very swift response, and your organization's work in general. It's a terrific source of authoritative information."

– Lisa Beyer
Bloomberg News
August 27, 2018
Wade Boese, Editorial Adviser

Wade Boese is currently an editorial adviser to the Arms Control Association. He has worked with the Arms Control Association since 1997 and became research director in 2002. As research director he was specifically responsible for monitoring, reporting on, and analyzing missile proliferation, missile defenses, strategic arms control agreements and negotiations, export control regimes, the global arms trade, and conventional arms control agreements. Mr. Boese wrote regularly for Arms Control Today, prepared ACA fact sheets, and maintained contact with the press and public on these issues. His work has been published in The American Prospect Online, Jane's Intelligence Review, Defense News, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times, and Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. He also contributed a book chapter to Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Debunking the Myths and Exposing the Risks of Arms Export Reform.